April 9, 2009

Why Do People Act So Damn Weird Around the Full Moon?

Ah, the beauty that is the full moon. Few things in the world have captured man's imagination and contempt as much as the moon. It travels around our world, usually journeying across the sky like some sort of sneaky little thief. All the moon is stealing, however, is our imaginations.

And our dreams. The moon steals our dreams when it's full.

That's part of the reason people act a little weird during the full moon. It's something written into our very deepest DNA that tells us when the moon is full and stealing our dreams as we sleep, it's time to get crazy. Humans are very protective of their dreams (unlike dogs, who feel free to chase rabbits, cars, or mailmen in full view of any amused observers), so when we feel the moon sneaking up to rob us of them, we get a little feisty.

You've seen the behavior: People are a little more aggressive (or dickish) when they drive. When you meet them in your day-to-day goings-about, they might seem a little cranky, perhaps distant, as though worried some heavenly orb was going to steal their thoughts in broad daylight.


I work in retail, and seeing as I work in Boulder, there are a lot of very crazy people who come in on a daily basis. Today, however, the customers were needier and crazier than usual. They seemed to twitch a little more, their eyes seemed wilder and more animalistic, and their questions seemed particularly stupid. I won't bore you with any details, because I didn't really speak to many customers today, and I'm only extrapolating based on stories from my coworkers.

But my point remains: people was damned crazy today.

In a few days, the moon will lose its ability to steal our dreams, and life will return to normal. But in another 29.531 days, the moon will again have its strength, and it will soar through the night sky, looking down upon our fragile world, scheming and laughing the night away.

Sweet dreams.

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